Weekly Wrap-Up #3

So this is the two-days-late Weekly Wrap-Up #3. I spent the last two days doing my first real batch of elisp hacking of any significance, so I don’t feel too bad about missing the normal rhythm of things.

My big winner for this week is C-M-@ (mark-sexp), which made several moments in elisp hacking bearable—there’s inevitably a moment in any lisp code where the right parens start to pile up, and good luck with trying to figure out what to mark by hand.

I’m still not habituated to using TRAMP for editing files using sudo or ssh, which is unfortunate since I do that a lot. And the mark ring stuff still eludes me.

I think this week I’m going to take on registers and rectangles, and perhaps start building up a cheat-sheet I can use to keep the things I’ve discovered a little more present.

Weekly Wrap-up #2

This week saw me get very behind on writing these posts—I had a lot of other commitments, and I didn’t work hard enough to make the time.

I did find myeslf using C-o in the minibuffer a few times, and I did use M-<num> a couple of times when using numeric prefixes, but I didn’t make any great progress in efficiency.

One thing I did do, that I’m not quite ready to talk about here, is work a lot on my Org-mode setup. Though there are things about Org-mode that I do not love—the biggest of which is that it’s free-form-ness often leaves me feeling like good structure is impossible to find—it’s an astonishingly useful tool once you begin to adapt to it. I’ve been doing more of that of late—my use of org2blog for this blog is part of this—and I hope to do even more, perhaps even getting into writing some elisp.

But for the moment, I’m just trying to get the easiest way to do things under my fingers as quickly as possible.

I think next week, the Weekly Wrap-up will include a table of all the keystrokes I talked about, so I can more easily remind myself of what I am intending to use as things go along.

Weekly Wrap-up #1

This blog is supposed to be about what I’m learning and how the process of refining my use of Emacs is going, so each week I’ll be looking at what I wrote about in the past week (or perhaps earlier) and assessing how much I’ve been able to change my habits or otherwise make use of my new knowledge.

So this first week has gone pretty well—using M-g M-g (goto-line) instead of M-x goto-line has come up a couple of times and I’ve remembered the new way of doing things, and similarly C-/ (undo) for undo. The change back to the prior handling of line-move-visual hasn’t come up as much as I expected—I have a much wider terminal these days, so it’s less of an issue—but I’m nonetheless glad to have made the change back.

The one thing I’ve not internalized, and that I’m not sure I’m likely to internalize, is using C-LEFT (left-word) and C-RIGHT (right-word) for by-word cursor motion. The benefits versus M-b (backward-word) and M-f (forward-word) just don’t seem to be there—it turns out that for me, keeping my hands on home row outweighs the awkwardness of doing it all with one hand.

I’ve actually done a lot of other stuff this week, too—I’ve started using org2blog for all of my blogging (and will write about it shortly), reorganized my init process, started using ido-ubiquitous, and a few other things. But, for this week, this is the end.